If you are a booth renter or a small salon owner and you feel like you are struggling to stay organized all year round, including during tax season, QuickBooks Self-employed may be the answer to all of your problems.

QuickBooks Self-employed is designed for independent contractors and simple businesses which makes it a perfect fit for hair stylists and small salon owners.

Here are some of the benefits of the software:

  • you can track business income
  • capture all business expenses and deductions
  • track business mileage
  • estimate and pay your quarterly taxes right from the software
  • invoice your customers directly from the software, and they can pay you by clicking the “Pay Now” button directly on the invoice

What’s even more exciting is that you can automate 80% of the entire accounting process, which means you bearly have to do any work.  To enjoy the automation feature, the software has to be set up to accept transactions and to put those transactions in their proper accounts automatically.

You can manage your entire business using QuickBooks Self-employed from your computer, your tablet, or from your mobile phone.

If you purchase the software and need help setting it up I have created a step-by-step class that walks you through the entire setup process.  In the class, I take the time to explain why each step is required and why it is essential.  Below is a link to the class.   I am also available to help with setup if you would prefer to have it done by a professional.  You can make an appointment below to discuss your needs further if you are not sure what option to choose.