who am i?

Desarie is a former hair stylist, and salon owner turned CPA/Accountant to the beauty industry.   Her primary goal is to help salon owners and stylists identify financial and operational challenges they may be facing and assist them in forming a plan to help overcome those obstacles.  Most problems fall into one of three categories: Operations; Financial; Customer acquisition and retention.

After working in the hair industry as a hair stylist and a salon owner for over 19 years, she knows the financial success salon owners and hair stylists can achieve if they focus on these three main areas of their business.

  • The financial health of their business – Cash Flow Management
  • Attracting and retaining the right type of clientele  – Client Acquisition & Retention
  • Creating a seamless work environment – Operations

Because Desarie is familiar with the issues and challenges that face the hair industry, she can quickly identify financial improvement ideas and opportunities and suggest changes that will make you and your business more manageable and profitable.

Desarie is passionate about helping salon owners and stylists achieve their financial goals.

I look forward to meeting and helping all open-minded, serious about succeeding, soon to be financially savvy clients.

Have a GREAT day, and I will see you on the other side.  🙂